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Eating Chaträume

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debian-offtopic Libera.Chat

Chatraum - 61 Besucher - vor 99 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Remember is | social channel for #debian | support questions belong in a relevant support channel, be it #debian or other | rants -> /dev/null | keep it family friendly | I expected more people who like to meet their cows before eating them out | If you can't talk, try to identify with NickServ: /msg NickServ help identify, /msg NickServ help register
Kategorie: Debian Chaträume

eating-disorders asylum

Chatraum - 1 Besucher - vor 97 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Welcome to eating-disorders chat! Eating disorders are a group of conditions marked by an unhealthy relationship with food. You must be 13 years or older to chat, please no swearing & stay on topic.
Kategorie: Essen Chaträume

cave freenode

Chatraum - 5 Besucher - vor 99 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Don't miss our Testicle Eating Competition! $100 Cash Prize, all the Testicles you can eat and FREE BEER to wash it down!

Crescendo-RO DaIRC

Chatraum - 1 Besucher - vor 93 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Begin your romantic journey here at Crescendo: M: Eternal Love! | 5x Base/5x Job/3x Drops | Server: Still GlaDOS Alive | Site: | eA Fondled | Eating kRO | No Reset NPCs, No Jobchangers, No Warper/Healers | Dedicated Staff & Server | ? db
Kategorie: Rumänien Chaträume

100daysofketo Snoonet

Chatraum - 1 Besucher - vor 79 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  #100daysofketo Dedicated to 100 days of low-carb eating! | Say hello! Stick around, we aren't always at the keyboard, but we are here! | Looking for this round's spreadsheet? Type ?spreadsheet | Need help registering? Type ?register

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