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code NightStar.Net

Chatraum - 24 Besucher - vor 78 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Welcome to #Code, where Vorn grapples with the infinite | Ask, then hang about till someone appears who can help: We have high latency, but excellent signal. | Rants and monologues are encouraged; many cores, no waiting
Kategorie: Programmierung Chaträume

code Rizon

Chatraum - 54 Besucher - vor 97 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  welcome to #code, 10 years of facing hard times with kindness, good vibes, and also rage | | check out our sister channel #learn for a more general learning community
Kategorie: Programmierung Chaträume


Chatraum - 17 Besucher - vor 83 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Welcome to #code - Interlinked's programming and software development channel | Ask whatever you like (related to programming/code), or talk about what you're working on!
Kategorie: Programmierung Chaträume

tor-project OFTC

Chatraum - 1217 Besucher - vor 97 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Welcome to #tor-project, a channel for non-technical discussions by the Tor project community --- feel free to watch, or become a Tor person and participate. | Tor usage questions in #tor | Cypherpunks are writing code in #tor-dev | Relay operators are talking in #tor-relays
Kategorie: Tor Chaträume

c++ Rizon

Chatraum - 34 Besucher - vor 97 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  The place for C++ | Rule: Got Code? Paste -> | Maxima omnium virtutum est Patientia | Don't ask to ask, just ask. | There's also #C and #python | If you ask and there's nobody around, it may take some time to get a reply. | C++ Compilers: | Book: | Walnut's Downfall:
Kategorie: C++ Chaträume

python Rizon

Chatraum - 25 Besucher - vor 97 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Python Programming | Don't ask to ask, ask | Paste broken code on | DON'T PASTE YOUR CODE DIRECTLY IN THE CHANNEL | Hssss | Better than #C++! | Official Documentation on | New to python? Read | Plugin Collection: | How to ask:
Kategorie: Python Chaträume

code Undernet

Chatraum - 73 Besucher - vor 94 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Monero RandomX Private Miner For All Linux ( ) Pre-Compiled With Configs /q _p3rL (Welcome)
Kategorie: Programmierung Chaträume

#rust Libera.Chat

Chatraum - 958 Besucher - vor 97 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Unofficial channel for the Rust programming language | Don't ask to ask, just ask! | Code of conduct: | Playground: | evalr: «code» to run Rust code | Other chat/help venues: | Moderation concerns: ##rust-ops | Offtopic chatter: ##rust-offtopic
Kategorie: Rust Chaträume

fcitx Libera.Chat

Chatraum - 22 Besucher - vor 97 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Welcome to #fcitx, due to the timezone that people live in, your question may not be replied right away. You may use maillist/Telegram instead. Code: Maillist: fcitx[at] Dev Maillist: fcitx-dev[at] Telegram: fcitx_tg is a telegram bridge bot. 提问可以用中文

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