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Sun Chaträume

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sun Coldfront

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Welcome to the PUBLIC channel of State of Unified Nations, a Youtube Video-Friendly Place. Our Forums: Refer all private FA questions/issues to #SUNFA--Find us on DISCORD here!
Kategorie: Sun Chaträume

unglinux freenode

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: The official Unix not GNU project! || || working to preserve Unix || MOTD: "While Linux was a social movement of open-source fanatics, BSD was collection of engineers trying to keep a technology they believed in alive." || Via || UNGLinux + ZFS: Sun Quality (tm)
Kategorie: Linux Chaträume

Kametsu Xertion

Chatraum - 130 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: [LostYears] Sun: Zombieland --- Mon: Slime --- Wed: Index 3, Kamuy 2 --- Thurs: Goblin Slayer --- Sat: SSSS.Gridman [Kametsu Latest] The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST (1080p/720p), Princess Principal (+Specials) (1080p), Planetarian (OVA + Movie) (1080p), Alice & Zouroku (1080p), Claymore (720p).
Kategorie: Tsu Chaträume

devuan-community-cloak freenode

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: /msg chanserv access #devuan-community-cloak list; Holler if your account isn't +V there! ask for getting +V_oiced in here (see before) if you want a @devuan/community/ cloak. The list will get sampled Sun 2018-11-04 23:59, please try to stay in here and clearly state your desire for cloak at that time
Kategorie: Entwicklung Chaträume

sun Undernet

Chatraum - 20 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Learned to stay alive to the real side of the curb.
Kategorie: Sun Chaträume

#linux-il freenode

Chatraum - 8 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Welcome to ##linux-il! This channel is for Linux support and discussions | using Hebrew and UTF-8 | Next meetup: Sun. May 13th, 18:00 at Soluto (Rothschild 39, Tel Aviv) - Monthly Open Source Hack Night -
Kategorie: Linux Israel Chaträume

MagicLantern WikkedWire

Chatraum - 2 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: ((]î[)) Make yourselves at home here friends! "No matter how dark the night, somehow the Sun rises once again" ((]î[)) This is a pvt room that has nothing to do with photography. If you happened to stumble in, welcome to have a chat, but we have nothing to do with Canon

trivialand DALnet

Chatraum - 39 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Yesterday (Sun.) Top 10: #1: kitkat3l 2151900 #2: Just_Jan 1976800 #3: MrBraun 1460950 #4: firelite 1371175 #5: jopey 1214200 #6: karamelitsa 1074075 #7: bubblette 1004675 #8: Killing_Zombies 827325 #9: alf 470350 #10: Leonie 420900
Kategorie: Computerspiele Chaträume

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