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South America Chaträume

Kategorie:  International  >  Südamerika

raspbian freenode

Chatraum - 209 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Raspbian -- Debian hard float for the Raspberry Pi: Logs at: looking for mirrors in asia, africa and south america if you are experiencing issues installing raspberrypi-bootloader-nokernel DO NOT REBOOT until they are sorted out
Kategorie: Raspbian Chaträume

Peruvian freenode

Chatraum - 10 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Welcome to #Peruvian chat room for people from different countries joined Peruvian friend is in south america!.
Kategorie: Peru Chaträume

South_america LibraIRC

Chatraum - 11 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Xו~ Bienvenidos a #South_America Xו Baja El Script XenSc de Em portugu볠Cebolinha Script Xו Canal de ayuda: #Ayuda WebSite: http://LibraIRC.Net
Kategorie: Südamerika Chaträume

Brasil LibraIRC

Chatraum - 8 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Bem Vindo(a) ao #Brasil <> Rede LibraIRC <> Orgulho de ser Brasileiro! Parceiros: #Ajuda #Portuguese #South_America [Script?] .:: Cebolinha Script #Cebolinha ::.
Kategorie: Brasilien Chaträume

Portuguese LibraIRC

Chatraum - 12 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: __@___ <@> Bem Vindo(a) ao #Portuguese <> Rede LibraIRC <> Parceiros: #Brasil #Cebolinha #South_america .:: Servidor http://LibraIRC.Net ::.
Kategorie: Portugal Chaträume

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