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House Chaträume

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BOXES Canternet

Chatraum - 6 Besucher - vor 43 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Welcome to Boxes,​ a semi parallel universe to the canon Equestria.​ It’s always nice to see new faces here at the chat house.​ Please,​ help yourself to the kitchen if you're hungry!
Kategorie: Smashdown Chaträume

TLI-baths SorceryNet

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - vor 32 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: 18+ ONLY! A fantasy sex play channel.​ The Bath House close to the Lonely Inn,​ for good clean fun ;).​ Visit ​#Lonely_​Inn_​OOC or http:/​/​www.​belariath.​com for more details.​

justcoolpeople freenode

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - vor 46 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Only cool people! We're so cool!!!! (except for Kratos90--the house negro,​ and Zanzibar--the pet monkey).​ Alternegros DréCa and Dré not allowed! VZW monkeys get OPs
Kategorie: Leute Chaträume

e-sim.​zdrug Rizon

Chatraum - 4 Besucher - vor 46 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Selling |​Q1 House 3.​7g (Stock 16) /​/​ Q3 House 6.​2g (Stock 2) /​/​ Q2,​ Q3 Food 1550 energy =​ 1g |​PM Me GIVING 600 energy for 50 q5 food which u got from challenge

vertajaspermaa IRCnet

Chatraum - 4 Besucher - vor 46 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: You'll see,​ Hank,​ lying around the house alone all day isn't so bad.​ After a while,​ your couch and your TV will become your mother and father.​ The couch is your
Kategorie: Würmer Chaträume

meteore-home MindForge

Chatraum - 2 Besucher - vor 36 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: |​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​ bienvenue dans la maison du meteore |​|​|​ house of love |​|​|​ .​.​.​ bienséance/​politesse et courtoisie sont de mises ici |​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​|​'

polarisadmin SorceryNet

Chatraum - 2 Besucher - vor 32 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: This is a polaris staff channel,​ not a club house.​ Sensitive round-relevant information like ahelps and staff chat will happen here - no sharing.​

IRPG freenode

Chatraum - 7 Besucher - vor 46 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Dungeon is back in the house with an internet connection.​ Bad thing is i dont have the active IRPG src on hand and have to dig for it.​ Pm me for help
Kategorie: Role-Playing Chaträume

jadestreehouse IRCHighWay

Chatraum - 12 Besucher - vor 38 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: ~*​Welcome to the Tree House!*​~ |​ <%AWRyder> Jade's Evilness Emporium |​ Channel of IRPG winners.​.​.​talking is for losers.​ Poke eggy about FTP
Kategorie: House Chaträume

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