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shin-gx Rizon

Chatraum - 5 Besucher - vor 79 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: |~| Bot: |~| Recruiting TL and TLC |~| STATUS: n/a |~| Releases: [Lazy Lily] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san OVA, Yuru Yuri Drama CD 03, Yama no Susume ep12 are OUT!!! |~| Dead and dying: A-Channel, Hanasaku Iroha, Working!! S2, Zero no Tsukaima F |~| NEW CHANNEL: #LazyLily.

e-drama QuakeNet

Chatraum - 10 Besucher - vor 79 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: RESET LADDERA 14.05.2013
Kategorie: Drama Chaträume

#shadowempire freenode

Chatraum - 37 Besucher - vor 79 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: The Shadow Empire || Server address: || Current version: 1.10 || Website: || Dynmap: || Rules: || Make love, not drama! || Say "!mumble" for mumble info! || This channel is not your personal calculator (or google, etc.)

Lost_Souls_Tavern DarkMyst

Chatraum - 12 Besucher - vor 75 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: All OOC in (( brackets )) please. #dragongate for OOC. for our setting info. Chilly but warmer in the afternoons - often raining. some snow still in the mountains but right now the rains have settled in. The Twilight Theatre is now featuring performances from the local drama students.
Kategorie: Lost Soul Chaträume

rchronicpain freenode

Chatraum - 18 Besucher - vor 79 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Welcome! Nobody around? Hang out for a bit! Read the sidebar at - - Those rules are enforced here. We're not medical professionals, we offer peer support but can't give medical advice. No stress, no drama, keep it civil. Rest In Peace _dave. Poohbot commands:

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