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Auckland Chaträume

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auckland Snoonet

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Welcome to #auckland - home of| Fluffy is banned for life | everyone is idle but thats okay
Kategorie: Auckland Chaträume

auckland DALnet

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. Our fellow MjM (Muhammad Junaid) passed away soon after the sudden demise of his father. Please make dua for deceased souls. May their souls rest in peace. For funeral details kindly contact Salman Bhai 03005566013 or Khayr Mirza 03005566013
Kategorie: Auckland Chaträume

#minimetro freenode

Chatraum - 4 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Welcome to ##minimetro || ShareX for fast map sharing || mainstreet's top overall score: 2354 (Washington DC), achievements left: Berlin, St. Petersburg, Auckland
Kategorie: Metro Chaträume

newzealand2 Snoonet

Chatraum - 3 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: NZ Subwatch channel | Currently following: newzealand, auckland, thetron, wellington, chch, nzcirclejerk, nzgaming, nzgonewild
Kategorie: Neuseeland Chaträume

drupal-au freenode

Chatraum - 12 Besucher - aktuelles Topic: Please join |G'day | DrupalSouth 2017 - 16-17 November - Auckland -
Kategorie: Drupal Australien Chaträume

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